Georgetown Planning Institute is a Washington DC based think-tank & consulting firm formed by a group of successful executives to address the root challenges and opportunities they saw first-hand managing multi-billion dollar organizations, and in their work with leading US Senators, Governors, Bishops and their organizations.

The Institute is dedicated to assist leaders of change to become more effective, providing a PLATFORM of 15 practical management approaches and leadership development tools to foster creativity and move concepts to completion achieving change.

In this the Institute uniquely brings both the theory and practical solutions to achieve it – delivering: the Model and the Platform to prepare individuals to develop their larger personal vision and goals and link their ethics & values with their daily actions; becoming CHANGEMAKERS - ethical leaders who foster creative innovation to achieve positive change for the betterment of society.

GPI is dedicated to promoting the ChangeMaker® leadership model for a new role and type of leadership that reestablishes traditional American character, values, and innovative builder-leadership at all levels of society.

ChangeMaker® model for Leaders of Innovation: an end-to-end solution covering all key aspects of achieving innovation:

  • Innovation Leadership
  • Management Planning & Product Development
  • Innovation Marketing & Technology
  • Information Age application opportunities
  • proven effective by major military, aerospace, computer, electronics, and telcom firms.

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